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We are one of the leading programmatic advertising agencies in Canada for augmenting your brand’s target audience and impact. We provide:

We help you magnify brand reach, involve the audience, discover new customers, and measure the advertising effect.

Programmatic Advertising

We help you shape your brand image employing features such as Programmatic Display, Video, Mobile, Connected TV and Digital Outdoor to increase your online brand presence, and encourage clients to swing by your store or website.

Target Client Formulation

We help you create custom-built profiles of your target client base, generated by utilizing relevant and interactive data collated by our Data Management Wing. We then apply these specific client profiles to design interactive client engagement strategies.

Advertising Aptitude

We conduct extensive research and thorough deliberate scrutiny of public perceptions regarding your brand, opposition, competition and media presence, to gain a clear and profound knowledge of how these intertwining components can advance your advertising fruition.

Social Media Advertising

We help you devise a meticulously planned scheme to utilize prevalent social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Snapchat to generate your brand recognition, advance client commitment, get competent leads and increase your existing client base.

Search Advertising

We help you raise your brand awareness by placing your product or service before the customers while they are looking for relevant or similar products or services, or seeking valuable evidence that will make them agree to give your business a chance.

Brand Impact Measurement

We help you recognize how ad formats, innovative implementation, promotional networks, view rate, and device, influence your brand acknowledgment, consumer outlooks, and buying commitment.

Our well-organized strategies for uniting your digital advertising efforts

There are loads of websites, applications, and digital properties being watched on various channels presently. Efficiently snagging consumer attention in the current digital environment is no mean feat, and that’s where Programmatic Advertising comes in.

Programmatic Advertising refers to the spontaneous trade and boosting of digital campaigns, rather than ordering straight.

Programmatic advertising abolishes the need to use various platforms for advertising on different networks and choosing the top spaces to put your ads in the progressively competitive digital world. The mechanization of uniting automated online marketing management makes dealings well-organized and more productive, restructuring the whole procedure and merging all your digital advertising energies in a single technology medium.

Advertisements are tailored to suit the specific customer’s needs, their specific interests, and the target audience for the product. It’s intended to substitute human negotiations with machine learning and AI-optimization. Operational perceptions are generated, and efficacy is adjusted based on the knowledge gathered to maximize advertising potential.


The term “programmatic,” is an umbrella term for automated buying and selling of media and ad-catalog in real-time through an automatic command system. Programmatic advertising allows brands or agencies to acquire ad impressions on publisher sites or apps within milliseconds through a refined network.

There are a number of ad formats accessible to advertisers, the most prevalent among them being banner ads. There are also rich-media ads, push notification ads, video ads, text ads, and native ads. What you should pick depends on what your chosen mobile advertising platform allows and what you can successfully scale.

There are different types of ad fraud. The most widespread form of ad fraud in mobile advertising is click fraud. A click is said to be deceitful when an automated script, program, or person clicks on an ad without having genuine interest in the ad. These fraudulent or bot clicks cost advertisers a lot of money.

There is nothing you can actually do to dispose of click frauds. Your chosen advertising platform should work in tandem with you to discover fraudulent clicks, and the ad tech industry as a whole has to take action and create precautions against this type of ad fraud.

Demand-Side Platform (DSP) – DSPs are essentially trading desks for advertising. DSPs offer advertisers a dashboard to acquire a mobile advertising inventory, target their customers, and study campaign statistics. DSPs attempt on mobile advertising inventory on behalf of advertisers.

Supply-Side Platform (SSP) – SSPs are DSPs for publishers. SSPs provide publishers with a platform to sell their mobile inventory.

Advertising Exchange – An advertising exchange is a digital market that acts as an intermediary between advertisers and publishers. They transmit the inventory from publishers to advertisers.

Advertising Network – An advertising network is pretty comparable to an SSP, with minute differences. Ad networks customarily trade their inventory directly to advertisers instead of using programmatic technology.

On average, programmatic CPMs range around $0.50 to $2 CPM. This is a huge cost benefit compared to human-driven trading, which normally sees prices around $10+. So, programmatic can help you expand your restricted ad budgets 10 to 20 times further.

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