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Our LIVE Online Digital Marketing Course and Training Program is a unique blend of Foundation Classes, Hands-on Training, Quizzes, Projects, Assignments & Certifications. Our practical learning design under the mentorship of Industry Experts would prepare you for any Job or Business in Newcastle, Vancouver, Australia or internationally.

Course Description

Give your career a boost with a 360° understanding of Digital Marketing Course with Rivargo, in association with Skillzlearn.

Our Digital Marketing Training Courses

Digital Marketing Overview

Learn the basics of Digital Marketing programs with an overview and familiarity of different tools & platforms along with framework for 'Buyer's Journey' and 'Conversion Funnel'.

Web Planning & Management

Learn how to plan and create a website from the scratch and important components of a CMS system such as WordPress. We would help you learn the best practices of website design from both the user's, and Google's perspective.


Learn the art of social media management with organic optimization and paid promotion on channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and WhatsApp.

Search Engine Optimization

Learn the trade tricks/secrets of On Page, Off Page, local & Technical SEO to dominate search engines such as Google and Bing without breaking a sweat.

SEM & PPC with Google Adwords

Gain an upper hand in PPC on Google and Bing’s Search, Display, Mobile, Video and Shopping campaigns by becoming Adwords certified and Bing certified Professional.

Google Analytics: Web & Mobile

Data is GOD in the 21st century, and gives an upper hand to Digital Marketing over traditional marketing channels. Learning Google Analytics would help you become a better Marketer/Manager.

Content Marketing

Content is the king and you can be at the pinnacle for your client/business by mastering the art of planning, creating and promoting content on multiple channels.

Email Marketing

Email can be the arsenal of marketers only if done properly. Learn from our Experts who have managed innumerable email marketing campaigns with dream ROI across the globe.

Affiliate Marketing

Learn the art of social media with organic optimization and paid promotion on channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and WhatsApp.

Conversion Rate Optimization

CRO combines data analytics and behavioral insights to help your business grow and achieve the goals. A comprehensive CRO audit gives a complete understanding of your audience’s online behaviors.

Mobile Marketing

With 80% of web traffic flowing from mobile devices and with Google's Mobile first indexing algorithm, it's important to customize and optimize content

Marketing Automation

In the age of AI and Machine learning, Marketing is no exception. Master the art and science of Marketing Automation and setting up conversion funnels for one or multiple channels.

Programmatic Advertising

Learn the new way of media buying in an automated fashion through digital platforms such as: exchanges, trading desks, and demand- side platforms (DSPs) and look for scalable and cost-effective traffic beyond popular platforms.

Growth Hacking

Executing Digital Marketing Campaigns in traditional way can be tedious and slow. Learn smart tricks & techniques to grow business of any scale with respect to one or multiple metrics

Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy

Learn how to create an integrated digital marketing strategy with multiple channels and customer interaction inclusive for both organic and paid activities while tracking positive ROI

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We provide real-time experience from our top genuine marketing expertise in the Digital Marketing field. With the wide array of Digital Marketing Training advance your skills, cover all the inbound marketing techniques and strategies. Join our Online training program and become a digital marketing expert now with:


With Rivargo, learn insights of Digital Marketing. Learn how to increase brand awareness, increase website traffic, reach a targeted audience, know more about Google Ads, Google Analytics and how to manage and maintain website leads, improve search engine results and a lot more with our Professional Digital Marketing Training Program.


Boost your marketing skills and upgrade your career with the Digital Marketing course. In this course learn how digital platforms have drastically led marketing to the next level. Learn how like social media, email, search engines, e-commerce, Google ads, videos, and website have become a powerful platform for businesses. Digital Marketing is one of the fastest-growing industries, raise your value in the marketing and business world with real knowledge, skills, and experience.

Digital Marketing has become the core of marketing now. With Rivargo in association with Skillzlearn, upgrade your skills with the best online Digital Marketing Training Course. Learn from the best industry experts, get Hands-On Training, quizzes, assignments, projects and certifications. We will help you master various digital marketing concepts including Google Analytics, Marketing automation and much more.

Open up your career opportunities and learn everything about Digital Marketing. There are many institutes offering Digital Marketing online classes focusing on complete course content with best teachers to guide and certificate of completion with the institute. Upgrade your skills in Digital Marketing, enroll in an online course and learn different strategies and tactics taught by industry experts from top universities.

There is an exponential rise in Digital Marketing jobs. Now every company’s marketing strategies essentially require a digital marketer. Digital Marketing Manager, content marketer, SEO, and SEM specialist, Data Analytics, Social Media Marketer, Virtual Assistant, Blogger, web developer. These are considered the new generation of jobs which include new and advanced technologies.

Yes, there is. Digital Marketing is achieving day by day the marketing objectives through different digital platforms. Now every industry is heading towards digital technology and in future this growth will only increase. Brands are focusing a lot on digital marketing and it’s in serious demand for business branding and advertising. The rapid growth in Digital Marketing jobs is loud enough.

Brands need recognition in this competitive business world. This brand recognition and impression can only be achieved through Digital Marketing. The use of social media, email, website and other digital platforms has become a major source for brand awareness and product services. The engaging audience, their digital presence, reviews, and their interests help in building a better marketing strategy.

Get Certified in Digital Marketing, enroll a Digital Marketing course learn from industry best experts. Gain all the strategies and marketing tactics, everything about Google Ads, Search Engine Optimization, Social media Marketing, Pay-per-click and after the course completion, get a Certificate from the respective institute.

If you are planning to break into Digital Marketing Industry, this is the right time. Kick start your career with Digital Marketing Training programs, which are easily available online. There are many online resources you can prefer for the basics and to increase your knowledge in this industry. Nothing would be challenging for beginners in the Digital Marketing world.

Advertising, sales, promotion, interaction, understanding the audience, public relations, brand management are some basic skills required for Digital Marketing. Apart from this when we reach on professional-level skills upgrade which includes Email Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Content Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Paid social media advertising, Data Analytics.

You can easily shape your career in Digital Marketing even if you are not a person from marketing or technical background. Prefer some online courses, explore Digital Marketing basics and develop hard-skills in marketing. Start doing some research and know more about marketing tactics. The best way is to level up your skills by enrolling in the Digital Marketing Training course.

Digital marketing is a very wide term. To start your career in a career growth industry can be challenging and exciting. Build a network, complete some online courses, stay up to date with the digital world, be active on social media and slowly try to connect with local business professionals, increase brand reach, host client email campaigns and etc will help you to start your career in Digital Marketing.

Yes, anyone can work from home as a freelancer. You should have a good knowledge of Digital Marketing so that you can handle different projects all on your own. With the rapid change in digital platforms in the coming few years, there will be many online jobs or freelancers opportunities. Every platform is not that flexible, but here you just need a laptop and internet with good Digital Marketing skills and here you go.

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