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What are chatbots and different modules of chatbots

Chatbots essentially indicate the predetermined set of libraries and APIs affixed to it to analyze the set of arrangements that it can answer with.

Typically, a chatbot consists of 4 different modules:

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Potent NLP

Our chatbots have remarkable NLP abilities to comprehend the background of anything that has been written or spoken. So, they get the correct responses even for tricky questions.

Channel Integration Capability

Our chatbots are proficient in effortlessly assimilating multiple digital channels, be it social platforms, mobile apps, or web apps.

CRM Integration Capability

Our chatbots are designed to flawlessly and effortlessly incorporate your CRM to improve the workflow inside your company.

Value For Money Recommendations

Our chatbots are designed to increase your CSAT, diminish consumer churn, advance revenue, facilitate 24*7 availability, enhance consumer engagement, and save a lot of money. Furnished with innovative multilingual skills, our bots allow you to gratify an assorted audience base.

Business on WhatsApp

More than 1.5 billion people use WhatsApp globally nowadays. We assimilate AI-based Chatbot in WhatsApp through the WhatsApp Business API, and provide services such as customer support via WhatsApp, sending offers and promotions via WhatsApp, etc.


Our chatbot solutions reduce the need to employ additional support agents, and, therefore, are highly profitable and lucrative in the long run.

Tangible Analytics

Our futuristic chatbots are capable of generating a riveting user experience. They offer the eagle-eyed consumer analytics in real-time, an essential criterion for the successful functioning of your business.

Chatbots for employees

Employees frequently have general queries, and a Bot can resolve almost 80% of an employee's query by retrieving company policy and employee data in HRMS. Employees also can get in touch with HRMS for any variable inquiries such as - leave-requests, pay slip generation, etc.


Over the previous few years, chatbots have come to be very extensively commercialized and promoted. Messaging platforms are blossoming, and Chatbots are all the rage now. New-age social norms dictate marginal contact or contactless engagement and digital addition to sustain our social order at large. Facilitating this shift necessitates a clever tactic, an attitude which implicates a renovation in business practices and transformations in almost every aspect of companies to maintain sustainable business stability and progression.

Espouse the influence of AI-powered customer acquisition, backing, and engagement practices to drive business stability and growth. Bots allow infinite possibilities, they can be created for any kind of system that will diminish human interaction and labor. With opportunities to make money from mobile apps dwindling day by day, developers are looking forward to chatbots as a new path. Chatbots are free and easy to use, and we can interact with them by merely conveying them a message as if they were a human operator.


If you have clients, bots are correct for you. The more advantageous question to be asked is: Which type of bot is important for you? Chatbots are available in many sizes and shapes. Even if you don’t have a predominantly high chat volume, your representatives can still profit from an agent-facing bot.

The most difficult part is getting started. You can assume you will face difficulties while developing your bot if you don’t strategize it out accurately. You need to line up your bot with both your business objectives and buyer requirements, and fashion a complete placement strategy, or else you’ll have glitches down the line.

So that you can keep total jurisdiction of your data and experience. This approach is very prevalent in the financial and health sectors.

Not exactly. All standard chatbots function out-of-the-box. Even handlers with rudimentary technical knowledge will be able to install their first chatbot very easily. Coding comes in handy only when some advanced integrations or customizations are necessary.

Chatbot responses are responses you get from a chatbot. Chatbots can respond in many ways. For instance, they can reply with an image, a card (e.g. about a product), buttons, a carousel, or quick replies. There are also voice-enabled chatbots that give- audio replies.

Seeing the work that goes into developing a chatbot, the approximate chatbot cost that comes for the development of your bot is in the range of $25,000 to $30,000. The cost range includes the design, development, and integration part of the whole chatbot app development process.

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