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A brand is fundamentally the personality and individuality of your business. Most startups and businesses lack the technical knowledge of how to market their brand. Creating and managing brand value is crucial for business growth.

The influence of brand-building is powerful and captivating, it can catapult your brand to incomparable heights. You just need to have faith in creating the accurate marketing strategies for your brand. Your product may be outstanding, but it needs a proper marketing strategy to reach the targeted customers and make an impact.

What is a brand and what are the advantages of having one?

The significant aspects of a brand will include a label, an icon or an illustration (or a combination of the three); this help identify a merchandise, service or business. A successful branding campaign unfailingly results in higher profit and market presence. A brand name sets a product or service apart and increases substantial value as a capital benefit.

Our branding services

Our branding services in Vancouver help companies to establish a unique and extensive presence in the marketplace, and to create and deliver proper marketing strategies of products and services.

Why Choose A Branding Agency For Your Business?

Make your brand stand out

Brand originality and understanding is very important for your business growth. The best brands understand their target audience and build a strategy around them. We help you to make your brand visible to increase brand value and build strong brand identity.

Research-oriented strategy

Brand strategies are based on a specific goal, more precisely about the brand and what it’s willing to achieve. We help you to find your targeted customers, list of competitors, develop your brand positioning, how and when to communicate your brand messages.

Protect your brand uniqueness

We are a leading branding agency in Vancouver. We know it takes a lot of hard work in both branding and business. We make sure your brand uniqueness is protected. By maintaining your brand legacy, not letting others steal your brand name, design, logo and tagline because your brand is your identity.


Most major companies refresh their brand image every 7–10 years, by doing minor alterations. Changing fonts and color combinations or eliminating shapes can keep your company logo from looking archaic. If your company undergoes any alteration such as a merger, a new company direction, or a company name change, the company’s brand identity needs to be updated.

A custom-designed corporate logo is vital for your brand image. A custom logo is a brilliant technique to set yourself apart from the masses. Prospective clients need to take one look and know your corporate logo straightaway. So yeah, a customized logo is indispensable for your business if you want to make a mark.

A distinct logo is not a critical obligation for a brand. Countless recognized and lucrative brands exist without logos. Frequently, they bank on on their name to generate the crucial impact rather than a graphic. Nevertheless, the appearance of a brand name entails as much care and attention as a logo. It’s worth using a designer to create a properly-conceived brand name and individuality, rather than just selecting an eye-catching font.

Just like the cost of a website, branding package pricing ranges from $1,000 to $30,000 depending on what you need to do, begin from scratch, or simply make a few variations here and there, or revamp your existing brand completely.

Ummm….no! Keep in mind, a brand is much more than just logo. It is the story, look and voice of a brand. A commendable branding procedure encompasses extensive market research including target markets and competitors, an understanding your target industry, checking if trade names and domains are available, creating a mood board, trying out different color schemes in different environments, crafting a distinctive logo that is striking and toiling over fonts & typography to determine effectiveness…the list endures!

Branding is a lengthy and time consuming procedure, which often involves several creative minds working simultaneously on an assignment, and it entails participation and alliance with the client. It is also imperative that the brand must be unique to circumvent any trademark or copyright legalities.

So, if you put all this in perspective, it is indeed apparent that getting a logo for $5 on Fiverr, won’t accurately provide the full brand story behind your business, and what makes it unique

Roughly 5 years on average.

The time frame in which a brand is established, from conception to announcement, can fluctuate depending on the agency you’ve employed, but some experts say a successful brand can take approximately 5 years to establish within the market place.

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